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What is Autism Support Cumbria?

Autism Support Cumbria provides personalised services to children, adults, families, businesses and organisations. 


Autism Support Cumbria serves northern areas of Cumbria, providing support and strategies for individuals who are on the autistic spectrum and their families; I know from personal experience how difficult day-to-day tasks can be for someone who is autistic. Managing socially, getting organised and being bombarded with everyday situations can be overwhelming for anyone on the spectrum: the sound of hand-driers, the feel of clothing, walking into a crowded room, meeting new people, being asked to perform more than one task at a time – can all cause difficulties, whether or not they have learning needs or are high-functioning.


You do not need an official diagnosis of autism to contact me.


Support includes:




Support for adults and children

I am able to offer 1:1 support, working with individuals who want strategies to cope with certain situations eg social conversations, managing anxiety or coping with every-day tasks.


Family support

I can offer advice, guidance, support and strategies to parents and carers on how best to work through everyday situations and how to deal with potential conflicts and ‘meltdowns’.


Form filling

Do you need help with form filling such as the Disability Living Allowance (DLA), Personal Independence Payment (PIP) or Education Health & Care Plan (ECHP)?



  • Do you need advocacy when trying to resolve issues with others, such as  school? 

  • Are you an adult encountering difficulties within the workplace, do you need someone to speak for you?



  • Does your business or organisation require guidance with regard to employees who have a diagnosis of autism? 

  • What do ‘reasonable adjustments’  mean for you?

  • Do you need advice about autism and what it means for your business?

  • Do you need more information about autism and how to help your customers in order to provide a better service?

  • I am able to deliver an autism awareness package, highlighting what autism is and how you can be more autism friendly. 


Schools and colleges

  • With more than 1 in 100 children on the autism spectrum, it is one of the most common types of special educational need, and it affects children in every school in the country. Some 70 per cent are educated in mainstream schools.

  • As such I am able to provide staff training for teachers.

  • One survey carried out by the NAS found that 58% of autistic children and young people with autism believe that the single thing that would make school better for them is ‘if teachers understood autism’.

  • A survey conducted by the NASUWT in 2013 found that 60 per cent of teachers believe that they haven’t had the training they need to teach pupils who are on the autism spectrum.


Support Groups

I am able to offer general strategies to those who require further information about autism and strategies about the condition, whether your support group is for children or adults.


Academic Tuition

As a trained English teacher I am able to privately home tutor clients in some academic subjects such as English and History.  I offer tuition up to GCSE standard.  This service is offered regardless of a diagnosis for autism.



Charges are discussed with you on application.


‘If you’ve met one person with ASC, you’ve met one person with ASC’. (Anon.)


Because every person on the spectrum is different, my approach with every person is individualised; unique to them.

Autism Support Cumbria
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Amanda’s gift is in pastoral work. She has been able to establish an excellent rapport with her students, which has meant that she has commanded the respect of all her classes and inspired students to want to make progress. Amanda is skilled at dealing with a range of ... personal issues with sensitivity, and students feel confident and safe to express their opinions ......  She has well-developed negotiating skills, along with a creative approach to problem-solving and, being versed in restorative practices, she has used these effectively in the most delicate of situations.


School Reference 2015


At all times she has been professional, friendly and organised.  Her recording is exemplary and a useful tool which she draws on in her supervision. 


I think Amanda stands out for her ability to connect with children in a way that facilitates change and growth.  Her approach is always playful and focussed on the child.  I would not hesitate to recommend her for further pieces of work.

Extract taken from Reference given by:

Christina Saltmarsh

Clinical Specialist


Thinking Allowed (specialist CAMHS service for children who are looked after or adopted)

(Full reference available on request.)



coloured chalks
coloured chalks



Amanda was a valued and respected colleague, a much vaunted middle leader, and a colleague who was comfortable and energised by working hard and tackling complicated and intricate issues; both pastorally, with parents and external agencies, and strategically with other stake holders.


Peter Harlow

Retired Deputy Head Teacher


Autism Support Cumbria
Autism Support Cumbria
Autism Support Cumbria

Autism Support Cumbria

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